Thursday, April 11, 2019

Media Studies

For media studies i'm doing a protect with Seetai. We are taking photos and videos of the school and interviewing some of the teachers and students and putting it into one big video to show people what our school it like. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

9NE Art

the first one is one of my best art works because it has lots of shading and some symmetrical lines.

The second one is one of best best because there are some shading on the robot to make it 3D. the robot carrying the shopping bags  is helping the old robot with her shopping 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Robotics and Programing

In my robotics and programming class i'm learning to design a mars lander using programming.

 This is the design process so far that we have done for our mars landed,

First we look at mars lander and saw how to move the mars lander up and down and side to side and how fast you should make it go and which one works best. Then we drew a robot that we thought would work as a mars lander like what wheels would work best or if it was controlled by battery or something else. We got into groups of a few people and went and looked at some stuff you could use to make a model of a mars lander like Lego and sphero. We had to brainstorm each others ideas, we got the cups and straws and looked at how we could put them together to see how we could stick them together to try and make it move. Then we sat in a circle with some straws, tape, scissors and cups and cut the straws to fit in the cups so there was a cut in each end of the straw we made 2 of those so we used 4 cups and 2 straws then we put 2 straws on top to make a hole in the middle to put the sphero in so it would move. 

The temperature on mars is can get as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit way below freezing. The surface on mars is rocky, with canyons, volcanoes, craters all over it and dry lake beds the red dust covers all most all of the surface. Mars also has wind and clouds just like earth does. It has lots of hills on it as well.I think the terrain could affect it by the dust getting stuck in the wheels or in the camera so you cant see also if it gets stuck on a rock.

I am making my design with wheels that can go over rocks and also with with wings so if it gets stuck in any rocks it can get out without breaking, also so it doesn't get stuck in all the dust. 
We have learnt how to control the robots on “Virtual Mars Yard” which is a game that allows you to drive a mars rover on Mars. While using this game we have learnt how to control a Mars lander using the X, Y and Z axis. You can also tan, tilt, zoom and even more depending on which rover you choose to drive. 

Our Robot has these parts because The mars lander i am designing will work because i have the right kind of wheels that won't get stuck on the terrain on mars. 
This will work because if i gets suck it will be able to get of it. This robot will be able to move around on any type of terrain and it will have wings.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kumara Trip

On Monday, 9 April we went for a trip to Kumara,

Kumara is a small town on the west coast we went in groups and had four different things to do. We went for a walk to see Londonderry Rock then we went to the old swimming bath and saw where the men and women were aloud to swim because they were not aloud to swim together back then, we got given a pack with some different stories and had to get into a group and act it out, these stories were a old tails that everyone use to talk about our story was about a ghost that came and wailed and if she came that would mean someone if going to die.
It was called the banshee.
Then we had to go somewhere else and work together in groups to make a catapult and cross a river that we couldn't touch. Then we went inside and learnt about the history then we got given some sheets and got into groups and walked down to where the old hotel use to be because there is lots of information there so we could answer the questions on the sheets. I learnt a lot about the history. My favourite activity was the walk to Londonderry Rock because it was really fun.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Speech

My speech

In our class the year 7 & 8 had to write a speech about our writing but the year 8 just did out end of year speech about the time we have had this school so this is my speech about my time here.

Think back to a time when you fell over and everyone was watching you

My name is Alex Muir let me tell you a little bit about myself. i have been at Paparoa Range School since i was 7 and enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

It has been a roller coaster ride there has been a lot of ups and downs at this school. I have loved all the time with the girls like Caitlyn, Emily, Jess B, Jess G and Sammie and i will really miss  them a lot they have made my time here much much better i can not say that about the boys though. I have a lot of good memories some funny ones and some bad ones. that i will always remember like the water fights we have done and JessB and I walking all through the mud at school and all the camps i have had with them my favorite camp was the hanmer camp.

Thank you Miss J, and Miss Bell you have been great teachers and I will really miss you they are amazing teachers they have been my favorite teachers  that i have had and Miss Bell’s matching jewelry and thank you to Miss D for planning and organising some the fun school events that we have done. And thank you to all the board and home and school for help raising money for our school. I will miss most of the people at thIs school it has been a great 5 years thank you to most of the great people at this school that has made my time here great.

For the last 4 years i have had Mrs Weavers as my principal and she made a big change in the school and Even though we have not had our new principal for long i just want to say thank you to Mr Norrish for being here this term.  thank you everyone i have had a great time and i will really miss it next year.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gold bar achievement 4 - Perseverance

Set yourself an endurance event time goal (maybe you want to beat your last time) and then train to achieve it. e.g. cross country, triathlon, or a cycle event

My achievement was beating my last time swimming. I know i bet my time because i did much better than the last time.

Gold bar achievement 3 - Honesty

Do at least three random acts of kindness. My first act of kindness is visiting an elderly person.